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Fresh, tasty gluten free and vegan food without sacrifice to quality and taste

Offering gluten free and vegan friendly options is now mainstream, particularly in Melbourne, the food capital. At The Pastry Lounge we make a range of products that can be provided in gluten free and vegan alternatives. Because we start with professional know-how with dedicated pastry craftsmanship, these products are the same premium quality and taste as our other products.

Gluten Free

All of our gluten free pastry products are made using certified gluten-free ingredients. We take every possible precaution in how our gluten free products are prepared, and as a commercial HACCP certified pastry kitchen this standard is very high. We are proud to have selected Pastry Lounge products endorsed by Coeliac Australia which is recognition of our commitment to providing gluten free products that comply with the Australian Food Standards Code.

Our gluten free range includes Mini Pies, Tart Shells, Sable, Filled Tarts and Mini Breads.


All of our vegan products are 100% free of any animal products in both pastry/dough and filling.  We make our own dairy free butter and cheese from scratch onsite, so we know the quality ingredients that are going into each. Our vegan range has been developed to give our customers a complimentary product to serve alongside our standard range, or as part of a vegan menu. Our vegan friendly range includes vegan bao buns, filled tarts, pastry canapes and pizza bases.

Gluten Friendly & Vegan Pastry
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